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Life has been so busy with raising children, running a business,working fulltime you sometimes forget the simple things in life. Remember how things were when you were younger. Today there is so many chemicals and additives added into our everyday items. This year our family is trying to llive a more natural life. This blog will contain recipes, gardening tips, links to other blogs who share the same passion as I do.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Busy days ahead

Well it certainly has been a busy couple of weeks at this house.  We have been packing up our belongings ready for the big move at the end of October.  I am really looking forward to it as the new house we are moving into is an older style home plus it has the man cave for Bill.  It also has a large cupboard built under the staircase which I am turning into a storage area for all my preserves etc.  I will even be able to make some old fashion Ginger Beer and have somewhere dark to store it.  With summer just around the corner this will be a favourite with our son William and of course Bill.  I can't wait to turn the yard into a productive fruit and vegie garden and this time will be adding a sensory garden full of lavenders, roses and of course my herbs. 

The last couple of weeks I have been busy transplanting all my herbs from my garden into pots and all my pots are currently at my daughters place.  Fruit trees are there as well and Miss Rhiannon did pick the Mulberries of the tree and of course had a white shirt on and thankfully it was an old shirt.  The sad thing about leaving this house is my vegie patch.  I hope the new tenants use it and continue to add new vegies to it.  They will have a great summer crops of lettuce, tomatoes, pumpkin, watermelon, beetroot, rhurbarb, eggplant, cabbage, and carrots.  I hope they enjoy the garden as much as I have and continue to use it and not let it go to seed.

I harvested a few potatoes which I will keep to use to grow at our new place.  Nothing like cooking with produce from your own garden.

Anyway lots to do this week.  I am already planning the new garden at the new place.  I am thinking of a couple of coffee trees and some raspberry bushes.


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  1. All the best with your move Sue not only are you a fabulous candlemaking soaper but your a dab hand in the garden as well. The new tennants are going to be delighted I am sure :0)