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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Disillusioned by it all.

I am a big supported of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) but unfortunately I live in Queensland where the Can Do Man won't support this trial scheme.  I work in the industry and I live it everyday of my life for 26 years.  Today I received an email from the Can Do Man addressing the scheme.  I know this is a generic email which he would of sent out to thousands of people.

Thank you for your correspondence about a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The Queensland Government wants real improvements and believes that an NDIS, as envisaged by the Productivity Commission, would give Queenslanders with a disability, their families, and their carers better access to long-term care and support.

Sadly, the plan for NDIS trials falls far short of the Productivity Commission’s recommendation, as does the $1 billion committed by the Federal Government towards the launch. In fact, this will not cover the cost of the trials, with participating states and territories left to ‘find the money’ to make up the difference. The reality is Queensland simply cannot afford to have an NDIS trial site at this time without Federal Government funding. Although this Government remains committed to participating in a fully developed and sustainable NDIS in the longer term, with our State’s finances in crisis we cannot participate in the trial now.

This Government is making tough decisions to get Queensland back on track, and back in the black by 2014–15. More funding should be put into disability services, and when the Budget is returned to surplus, we will look at improving the funding for disability support. Until then, we are doing all we can within our means to revitalise existing front-line services to deliver immediate improvements for Queenslanders with a disability, their carers, and their families. This includes implementing our $38.7 million package of disability support, committed to during the election campaign, and examining ways to deliver more efficient and cost-effective disability services, with greater individual choice and control.

Again, thank you for raising your concerns with me.

Yours sincerely


My response back was:

Dear Mr Campbell,

Thank you for your reply but unfortunately until you live it you do not understand. I am a mother with an adult son with Down Syndrome. I was one of the lucky families who received some funding when he left school. We are now in 2012 and that funding does not even cover his daily vocational needs anymore and now we have to pay into it out of my own pocket. I work fulltime not because I want to but because I need to. My concern now is the future. My husband and I are aging and what will happen to our son in the future. Most parents in the same situation as us hope that we outlive our child. Mr Campbell this is a terrible thing to say but it is the truth. I also work in the Disability Field and work for the largest organisation in Australia who support people with an intellectual disability and see the anguish on families. Queensland is so far behind other states. It is about time we got up to speed. The NDIS gave us some hope. You seem to have made many promises in your lead up. I voted for you which I have for many years been a labour supporter. I will never vote for liberal again. More funding was given to the racing industry then people with disabilities. That in itself to me indicates your non - commitment to people with disabilities and their families.

Today I heard a disturbing story regarding a person with a disability.  It has really disilluisioned me over the whole system. I not going to share the story due to privacy etc but it is morally wrong and I am totally disgusted in the whole ordeal.  This story really bring home about parents wanting to outlive their child because they are scared of what could happen to their child when they are gone.


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