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Friday, February 17, 2012

Disability and Discrimination

I have the most amazing Grandson Callum who has Autism.  Callum is 6 and in year 1 but unfortuneatley his school is treating him unfairly.  Below is a letter about to be sent to the School, State Member, Education Queensland regarding the treatment my grandson and daughter have been given since the beginning of the year.

To the Headmaster of Kippa-ring State School,

My name is Sue Grier and I am the concerned Grandmother of Callum Milliken who is in grade 1. 
I am in shock of the way my grandson and my daughter is being treated by the school in regards to his Autism. 

As we have all hear over and over again by our politicians and Education Queensland that all children whether they have a disability or not are entitled to an education.  This is not happening.  You advocate on your Responsible Behaviour Support Plan that:

Education Queensland is committed to provisions that ensure all young Queenslanders have a right to and receive a quality education.

At Kippa-Ring State School, our purpose is to provide a safe, supportive and challenging environment with opportunities for all students to achieve to their potential. Our Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students is based on the Code of Behaviour, National Safe Schools Framework and relevant legislation and Education Queensland policies as outlined.
Our school provides a positive climate within and beyond the classroom to help develop students’ social, emotional and civic skills. Students, staff and parents build student resilience and responsibility and work to ensure a safe and supportive environment.

In all my 25 years being involved in the Disability Sector in Queensland I am disgusted in the treatment of Callum.  Last year Callum was attending Prep at your school and the school knew of his Autism so things should have been in place ready for him in the New Year. 
Social books should have been developed by your Behaviour Support Team to prepare him for this.  Instead my Grandson has been isolated in a room at lunch time and has never had the chance to play with anyone at break time.  My daughter is trying everything to assist him.  Instead you have made her feel guilty. It is NOT my daughter’s fault that a teacher injured herself when she was assisting Callum.  If proper strategies were in place this would not have happened.  Where is the Intensive Behaviour Support you promote on your website?  Where is the meeting with the parents?
Where is the daily monitoring? Have you and your staff worked out his triggers?  Are you listening to the main person who can give you this information? Where is his Positive Behaviour Support Plan?  Every time Sarah has asked for it she is told “should have it tomorrow”. It is unacceptable that most mornings at 9.15am my daughter receives a call to come pick him up.  What about the Wrap-around Program you boast on your website.  What strategies are in place? Making him spend time in the Headmasters Office is not a strategy.  Sarah was told a few weeks ago that a Social book was to be developed.  Where is this?  Are these just all empty promises.
 Where is this Network of Professionals that you talk about on your website?    
What happen to inclusion and integration?  I don’t see this at all.  I see isolation and discrimination.  All I see is very poor management. Is this how you treat children with disabilities at your school?


Sue Grier


  1. I like what your doing sue. He needs an educations just like the rest of them. and the queensland education department needs to know what that school is doing. That is no way to treat a 6 year old boy.
    You have full support of me good luck and good lauck sarah

    1. Yes I am so angry. This little boy is being unfairly treated. I am hoping this isn't happening in all schools. It is disgusting. Thank you for your support.

  2. Good luck Sue , I hope the school system will listen to your pleas and do something to help your grandson ,it just is not right that they are ignoring the situation . Sheila