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Life has been so busy with raising children, running a business,working fulltime you sometimes forget the simple things in life. Remember how things were when you were younger. Today there is so many chemicals and additives added into our everyday items. This year our family is trying to llive a more natural life. This blog will contain recipes, gardening tips, links to other blogs who share the same passion as I do.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

One step closer to our dream

Its been an eventful couple of weeks here.  DH hid the fact that someone was interested in buying his bike and now it has sold.  This will wipe out 2 more credit card debts plus he can buy a cheaper bike.  Then we both can concentrate on the big loans we have.  I am hoping they will all be paid off by Christmas 2014 plus hoping to have our caravan by then.  We did purchase a 4WD a couple of weeks ago.  This will be the car that we will travel with.  For now we will be concentrating on paying that small loan off now.

You know I keep saying if only we could win $100 000 that would see us starting our dream.  We want to travel around this amazing country of ours.  Take my small soap business on the road.  I'm not afraid of work and I am sure I will be able to pick up work here and there while we travel.  Other people do it why not us.  Work at the moment is a struggle but I am there doing the best job I can.  What ever happens in my current role happens.  I don't feel I am in a secure job, but I think alot of people think the same way so I know I am not the only one.

Currently at the moment I am slowly decluttering at home.  This is a very slow process and thankfully we have Ebay so everything will be listed.  Wow 27 years of marriage so we have collected many items over the years.  At one stage I use to collect unicorn figurines.  Time to get rid of them.  A couple I will keep but the rest will go.  With the money from the sale of all this stuff will go into a savings account and will go towards our dream.

Do you know of anyone who has done this.  Travel around Australia.  I'm thinking to do it and enjoy it I am thinking maybe 3 years is a good time frame.  What do you think.

Sue  xx

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