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Life has been so busy with raising children, running a business,working fulltime you sometimes forget the simple things in life. Remember how things were when you were younger. Today there is so many chemicals and additives added into our everyday items. This year our family is trying to llive a more natural life. This blog will contain recipes, gardening tips, links to other blogs who share the same passion as I do.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My productive busy weekend.

This weekend we have been busy.  Saturday morning saw us in the car heading for the Dakabin Recycling Market hoping to pick up some bargains so we could start our vegie garden.  Since we are in a rental property at the moment we have decided on containers of all types for our garden.  I don't feel like sending a letter to the Real Estate asking permission if we can put a garden in.  To much hassle and the sooner we can save for our own place the sooner we can move into it.  Any way picked up this fantastic Bokashi Bucket from the recycling centre for only $2.  I saw one of these buckets at  Expo which I had a Trade Stall at Ipswich last year and was amazed on what you could actually put in it and how it works.  Unfortunatley at the time didn't have the $80 to buy one.  I prefer $2 anyway and who wouldn't.

I also managed to pick up and old wheelbarrow which Bill kindly drilled some drainage holes in so now the house our strawberries. 

We will be heading back to Dakabin next Sunday to pick up the rest of the old wheel barrows.  This time we are taking the trailer.  They have so much out there so need chicken wire for a trellis and a few more items for the garden.

I also headed to Bunnings to pick up some seedlings.  We now have Tomatoes, Capsicums, Radishes, Yellow Zuchinnis, Lettuce, Peas  and Carrots all planted.  I also bought some Celery and Cucumber Seedlings but ran out of soil, compost and containers.  This is why we are heading out there next weekend.

I'm quite proud of my garden but can't wait until everything is growing and producing.  So are you wondering why I am doing this?  Do you ever wonder how fresh your fruit & Vegies are?  Where they come from?  How far they have travelled to end up on your plate?  I want FRESH fruit and vegies.  I am tired of buying fruit and vegetables that don't last and this way it is cheaper.    For a small outlay to start with I am sure home grown will be much better than supermarket bought produce.

This morning I have been busy cooking.  It was so nice and relaxing up before everyone baking and listening to ABBA.  Yes I'm still stuck in the 70's and truly believe this band was amazing.  Their music lives on.  My 5 year old grand daughter Rhiannon loves their songs so they must be good.

Anyway I have baked Anzac Biscuits this morning hoping they would last a couple of days.  I forgot Emma was coming up with Eli today and she found them.  We still have a few left.

Then I made this amazing Mango Jam Coconut Slice.  First time I have ever made this and loved it.  Of course the jam was bought from Local Maker.  I am sure I will start making jam one day soon.  I have included the recipe below.  Just remember you can choose any jam.

Mango Coconut Slice

1 cup SR Flour
180g Castor Sugar  + 3 Teaspoons
30gr margarine
2 large eggs
jam of your choice
1 cup coconut

preheat the oven to 170 degrees celsius or 150 degrees if you have a fan-forced oven.  Grease and line a 18cm x 28cm slice pan with baking paper.

Combine flour and castor sugar in a bowl.  Rub in butter/margarine until all ingredients are well combined.
Add one lightly beaten egg and mix to form a soft dough.
Press the mixture into the slice pan.
Spread jam evenly over base.
Use a fork and whisk the other egg and 3 tablespoons castor sugar together until pale in colour.  Add the coconut and stir well.  Place spoonfuls of coconut mixture evenly over jam.
Bake for about 28-30 minutes until topping is golden brown.  Cool in pan then cut into pieces.

This was definitely a hit and I will make it again.

Emma enjoyed the bickies and I am sure when Eli is older he will also enjoy grandma's cooking just like my other grandchildren.

He is so cute.

Have a fabulous week everyone.  Tomorrow is my first day at my new job.

Sue xx

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