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Life has been so busy with raising children, running a business,working fulltime you sometimes forget the simple things in life. Remember how things were when you were younger. Today there is so many chemicals and additives added into our everyday items. This year our family is trying to llive a more natural life. This blog will contain recipes, gardening tips, links to other blogs who share the same passion as I do.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Unconditional Love and Acceptance.

I had been having a fabulous couple of weeks at work and at home.
  Work had been a struggle to get back into.  I have worked for many years but the last few years I was my own boss so I didn't need to answer to anyone.  Earlier this year with all the floods in Queensland I needed to find another job and run my business part time.  That has been exactly what I did.  I have spent many years previously working within the disability field.  This is the work I love.  So with that in mind I returned back to work and at the start found it a bit of a struggle having a boss to answer too.  But along the way I met up with some old work friends and they were always there to help me through the early struggle.  I have felt lately that I had grown into my roll.  I am very greatful for my job and I truly love the people I have met and the friends I have made.
This week was just another week.  I thought people were starting to accept me and things were going fine.  But one wrong comment changed my whole day and made me realise it will take a bit longer to build a trust with some people.

What did I do.  I went back into my office and saw the most beautiful angelic face looking at me and realised that not everyone will accept you but the people who are truly important to you will and they will give you unconditional love and acceptance no matter what.

My family are my rock.  My children and especially my grandchildren are the most amazing gift  that I could ever have and they accept me for who I am and give me unconditional love.

To my amazing family you all rock my world.

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  1. Words of wisdom spoken Sue :0) There is none more precious than family.